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Since our inception in 2015, Hunter One International has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice for data-driven businesses.
We specialize in building leadership teams for technology and other businesses undergoing digital transformation. We are experts in helping companies grow - from digital startups to MNCs looking to expand their reach by opening new country or regional offices. We help companies grow beyond their domestic markets and access new talent across the world as well as being instrumental in the repatriation of many executives back to their home countries.
We are proud of our high-touch, partner-led service that is unique to Hunter One. Our ingrained practice of nurturing and cultivating our global network of exceptional individuals, along with building deep and long-lasting partnerships with our clients, ensures that all parties receive a unique personal service that will deliver the best possible outcome. The continuing support we give to our clients and to the professionals we place, ensures they are in the best possible position to grow and develop their own teams. Our network extends to the very top of many of the World’s leading firms. Developed over more than 20 years, our network is an exceptional asset and ensures we deliver outstanding results for our global clients. 
Hunter One is an agile and innovative search firm. We combine intelligent, discreet and swift solutions with an attractive and disruptive pricing model. 
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